animals resistant to snake venom

Which Animals Are Immune To Snake Venom?

Venomous snakes are truly fearsome animals. Every year, about 100,000 people are killed by snake venom around the globe. In contrast, the animal kingdom has produced a few exceptional animals that can resist venom. With … Read more

can you keep a water snake as a pet?

Do Water Snakes Make Good Pets?

Water snakes aren’t commonly kept as pets. This isn’t because they’re overly aggressive or venomous, but because the species is not as popular with breeders. There are many kinds of water snakes, and the majority … Read more

Do Pet Snakes Smell Bad?

Do Pet Snakes Smell Bad?

Snakes are one of the most hygienic pets to own. Aside from their pee and poop, snakes don’t smell much. Contrary to popular belief, snakes don’t smell like fish, skunks, or rotten eggs unless they … Read more

how many pounds of pressure can a python exert?

How Tight Can a Python Squeeze?

Pythons are constrictor snakes found in the wilds of Asia, Africa, and Australia. They kill their prey by squeezing it to death using their powerful coils. There are many species of pythons, including reticulated pythons, … Read more

copperhead snake characteristics

What A Copperhead Snake Looks Like

Copperheads are venomous snakes in the viper family. They are endemic to the United States and parts of northern Mexico, and are most active in the spring and fall. Although copperhead venom is weak, bites … Read more

hognose snake color

10 Most Beautiful Hognose Snake Morphs

The hognose snake is so popular in the pet trade that it now rivals ball pythons and corn snakes for dominance. Breeders have spent years meeting this demand by carefully breeding ever-more stunning hognose morphs. … Read more

Baby corn snake

Do Baby Corn Snakes Bite?

Corn snake babies, while small, can be feisty until tamed down. Many new owners will learn this fact first-hand due to a sudden, unexpected bite. Baby corn snakes will bite when they feel threatened, or … Read more

are milk snakes dangerous?

Are Milk Snakes Dangerous?

The milk snake is a visually stunning species of the Lampropeltis genus. The distinct banding and vivid colors make milk snakes stand out. This has led to the unnecessary demise of many milk snakes. These … Read more

What Do Ball Pythons Like to Eat?

What Do Ball Pythons Like to Eat?

A wild ball python’s diet will vary from what a captive ball python eats. However, we can replicate the wild snake’s diet using feeder rodents. As strict carnivores, there is no alternative diet for a … Read more

feeding baby corn snakes for the first time

When To Start Feeding Baby Corn Snakes

Knowing when to start feeding a baby corn snake is key in ensuring that it gets a good start in life. Baby corns are usually good eaters and will consume frozen-thawed pinkies. This is not … Read more

How Long do Snakes Sleep?

How Long Do Snakes Sleep?

It can be hard to tell when snakes are asleep or awake. Snakes don’t have eyelids, so we assume that snakes don’t sleep at all. However, snakes do sleep, but we don’t always realize when … Read more

what snake can strike the farthest?

How Far Away Can a Snake Strike?

When a snake strikes, it lunges forward across the ground, so you do not need to be touching the snake in order for it to reach you. This may make you wonder just how far … Read more

How Fast Do Baby Ball Pythons Grow?

How Fast Do Baby Ball Pythons Grow?

As captive-bred snakes are typically sold as babies, many owners are curious about how quickly ball pythons grow. Ball Pythons start small and, compared to their behemoth cousins, remain relatively small in size. Ball Pythons … Read more

Pet Snake Aggressive

Why Is My Pet Snake Suddenly Aggressive?

It can be alarming for a snake owner to suddenly find their pet snake behaving aggressively. Snakes aren’t known for being affectionate or loving animals, but with the right handling, most species that are commonly … Read more

What's the Largest Snake That You Can Own?

What’s the Largest Snake That You Can Own?

When it comes to snakes, bigger is definitely better. While laws vary considerably between different states and countries, you can own several large species of snake as pets. These species are known not only for … Read more

Can Snakes Bite Underwater?

Can Snakes Bite Underwater?

Snakes are proficient swimmers, and are often found in ponds, lakes, and rivers. Aquatic species, such as sea snakes, spend most of their lives in water. Some people believe that snakes drown if they bite … Read more

Can Rattlesnakes Climb?

Can Rattlesnakes Climb Trees and Walls?

As a venomous predator, rattlesnakes can be an intimidating animal. As you think about ways to keep yourself and your family safe from dangerous snakes, you may end up wondering how easy it is for … Read more

snakes with blue eyes

Can Snakes Have Blue Eyes? (with Video)

Most wild snakes have black, brown, or yellow eyes. Blue eyes are rare, because they require a reduction in melanin (dark pigment). Most blue-eyed snakes are the result of selective breeding for genetic mutations. The … Read more

how often should baby ball pythons eat?

How Often Should Baby Ball Pythons Be Fed?

Ball pythons have a complex relationship with food. Some adults have voracious appetites and overeat, while others are fussy. This makes it important to get the snake into good food habits while young. Feeding a … Read more

can a water moccasin bite kill a human?

Can a Cottonmouth Kill You? (With Video)

Cottonmouths have a fearsome reputation as aggressive and dangerous snakes. Many harmless water snakes are killed when people mistake them for water moccasins. However, while cottonmouths do have venom glands, their reputation as a lethal … Read more

Can Ball Pythons Hear Sound?

Can Ball Pythons Hear Sound?

Although ball pythons don’t have visible ears, they can still hear. However, ball pythons have a limited hearing range, and detect sound in a completely different way to humans. Ball pythons can hear sounds between … Read more

Can a Pet Snake Survive in the Wild

Can a Pet Snake Survive in the Wild?

Snakes that are born in captivity differ considerably from wild snakes. Escaped or unwanted pet snakes will rarely flourish in the wild, and may adversely affect the local ecosystem in some cases. Wild snakes are … Read more

Types of Milk Snakes

What Types of Milk Snakes Make Good Pets?

Milk snakes are a popular pet choice, especially for reptile novices. These snakes are nonvenomous, do not grow too large, and often tolerate handling well. There are some 24 different types of milk snake, though. … Read more