How to breed a blizzard corn snake

How Blizzard Corn Snake Genetics Work

Breeders have been trying to create pure white corns, such as the blizzard corn snake, for years. Because of their striking appearance, they’re a popular choice of pet snake and can command a much higher … Read more

What Do Burmese Pythons Eat?

What Do Burmese Pythons Eat in the Wild?

Burmese pythons are among the largest snakes in the world. Native to Asia, these snakes are also an invasive species in South Florida. They are famed for their voracious appetites, consuming prey much larger than … Read more

what is an axanthic ball python?

What Makes an Axanthic Ball Python?

Axanthic ball pythons are a base morph, which means that they can sometimes be found in the wild. Breeders like axanthics because they are beautiful snakes, and they can produce snow ball pythons. The axanthic … Read more

How Do Snakes Catch Their Prey?

How Do Snakes Catch Their Prey?

Snakes flick their tongues to detect the chemical signals given off by nearby prey. This enables the snake to identify the exact location of their next meal. Depending on the species, they will then use … Read more

How to Keep a Snake Warm in a Cold House

How to Keep a Snake Warm in a Cold House

Snakes rely on their environment to control their body temperature. This means that you must provide your snake with a source of warmth. This starts with the ambient temperature in the room, but the snake’s … Read more

why do we need snakes?

How Are Snakes Useful to Humans?

For many people, snakes are far from their favorite animals. Ophidiophobia, or the fear of snakes, is common, and many humans would rather never encounter a snake. For these people, snakes do not seem to … Read more

Do All Garter Snakes Have Teeth?

Do Garter Snakes Have Teeth or Fangs?

Garter snakes only grow to 2-4 feet long and are harmless, with a face that even seems to smile in a wide, fangless grin. This harmless reputation often comes along with the assumption that garter … Read more

Can You Keep a Rattlesnake as a Pet?

Keeping rattlesnakes as pets is a life-long dream for some snake enthusiasts. However, despite their beautiful patterns and fascinating behaviors, rattlesnakes are dangerously venomous to humans. A single rattlesnake bite can lead to severe health … Read more

are boa constrictors dangerous as pets?

Are Boa Constrictors Safe Pets?

Boas have a reputation as a dangerous animal. You might wonder, if you choose to keep a boa constrictor as a pet, will it hurt you? Boa constrictors can be safe pets. While they are … Read more

can venomous snakes cross breed?

Can Rattlesnakes Breed with Other Snakes?

If you live in an area that’s inhabited by rattlesnakes, you may have heard the rumor that they can interbreed with other species. The most common rumor is that rattlesnakes can breed with gopher snakes … Read more

candino ball python genetics

What Is a Candino Ball Python?

Candino ball pythons are the result of breeding an ‘albino’ with a ‘candy.’ Their highly contrasting colors are bright yellow and light pink. Their pattern is of a solid yellow color separated by small pink … Read more

what makes a butter ball python?

What Is a Butter Ball Python?

Butter ball pythons were first bred and imported in 2001 by Reptile Industries/ReptMart. They then put them through a breeding program to prove that the butter ball’s appearance is hereditary. A butter ball python is … Read more

snake more active than usual

Why Is My Snake So Active?

It’s normal for pet snakes to spend the majority of their time curled up in their hide. So if your snake suddenly seems more active than usual, you may be concerned about why this is … Read more

how do snakes make holes?

How Do Snakes Dig Holes Underground?

Snakes love to burrow underground. Having a hole underground not only offers the snake a cool, dark place for shelter, but it also helps a snake to hide from predators, as well as being able … Read more

okeetee corn snake morphs

What Is An Okeetee Corn Snake?

Okeetees are base morphs that are found in the wild. They are used to create designer morphs, which are the result of two base morphs being bred together to create something new. The Okeetee’s color … Read more