Questions About Snakes

Can snakes climb high walls?
Questions About Snakes

Can Snakes Climb Walls?

Many people find encountering snakes frightening enough without the idea that snakes can climb walls. But when you find a snake in your attic or inside your walls, how else did they get there? Snakes can climb brick walls, but not smooth surfaces. Snakes climb walls by finding grooves and […]

how long do snakes hibernate?
Questions About Snakes

Do Snakes Hibernate?

If you live in a colder country that has wild snakes, you’ve probably noticed that there are fewer snakes around in the colder months. Snakes seem to vanish before returning when it’s warmer. Snakes brumate. Brumation is a low-energy state which snakes go into over the winter. It’s similar to […]

do snakes have nictitating membranes?
Questions About Snakes

Do Snakes Have Eyelids?

You might have noticed that snakes don’t appear to have the same sort of eyelids as humans. This raises quite a few interesting questions about their eye health and sleeping habits. Snakes do have an eyelid. It’s just that their eyelid is transparent and completely covers their eye at all […]

do adult snakes stay with their babies?
Questions About Snakes

Do Baby Snakes Stay with Their Mother?

Reptile reproduction differs drastically from mammalian reproduction. Most snakes lay eggs, and they don’t produce milk for their babies to drink. Snakes also care for their young differently. Most snakes abandon their eggs soon after they’re laid. Even in live-bearing snakes, mothers and babies will separate shortly after birth. There […]

do snakes have skulls?
Questions About Snakes

Do Snakes Have Bones?

Snakes are flexible and can squeeze through tight gaps to escape from predators or to hunt prey. So, given how elastic they are, you might assume that snakes don’t have bones. Snakes have more bones than humans. However, they have fewer kinds of bones since they don’t have complex legs, […]