best way to sell pet snake

How To Sell Your Pet Snake

If you’ve got a snake, but you don’t want it anymore or are unable to keep it at your property, selling it is the right thing to do. Most captive snakes wouldn’t be able to … Read more

how many venomous snakes are in Arizona?

What Venomous Snakes Live in Arizona?

To remain safe, all Arizonians need to know the different types of venomous snakes that may be encountered in their backyard or while out hiking in the wilderness. There are more than a dozen venomous … Read more

cloacal spurs

What Are Spurs on Snakes?

Spurs are a unique part of a snake’s anatomy. Not all snakes have spurs, only ones that have remained unchanged for millions of years. The spurs on snakes are a ‘vestigial remnant.’ Spurs are tiny … Read more

Sexing Snakes

How To Tell The Gender of a Snake

Sexing snakes is not straightforward. They don’t present much sexual dimorphism (visual differences between the sexes). The only noticeable differences between male and female snakes are on the inside. The best ways to sex snakes … Read more

small snake looks like worm

Do Baby Snakes Look Like Earthworms?

Snakes and worms share some characteristics. They have long bodies, can appear brown or gray in color, and may not have an obvious head end or tail end. Because of these similarities, you may think … Read more

Which Snakes Can Be Housed Together?

Which Snakes Can Be Housed Together?

Housing two snakes together means that you save on resources, minimize cleaning, and utilize space more efficiently. The problem is that snakes aren’t social animals and see each other as threats. Putting two snakes together, … Read more

Why Do Corn Snakes Rattle Their Tails?

Why Do Corn Snakes Rattle Their Tails?

When a corn snake feels threatened in some way, it may shake its tail like a rattlesnake. Corns make this sound by vibrating their tail against the ground, not using multiple layers of cartilage. It … Read more

Do Boa Constrictors Lay Eggs?

Do Boa Constrictors Lay Eggs?

Snakes produce their young in 3 different ways. While 70% of snakes lay eggs, other species retain the eggs inside their bodies. They then either give birth to live young or produce no eggs at … Read more

How to Determine if a Snake is Venomous

How to Determine if a Snake is Venomous

Most U.S. snakes aren’t venomous, but rattlesnakes, coral snakes, water moccasins (cottonmouths) and copperheads all have venom glands. A bite from a venomous snake can be dangerous, or even fatal. That’s why you need to … Read more

can snakes smell humans?

Do Snakes Recognize Your Scent?

Owners claim that their snakes can recognize them, and behave differently around them than other people. This would only happen if snakes have a sensitive sense of smell, and if humans give off unique, recognizable … Read more

Are Snakes Afraid of Cats?

Are Snakes Afraid of Cats?

While snakes have a reputation as being dangerous and scary creatures, that doesn’t mean they can’t be scared of stealthy animals that are larger than themselves. There are many creatures that can frighten a snake, … Read more

How Do Snakes Sleep without Eyelids?

Do Snakes Have Eyelids?

If you observe a snake closely for a while, you’ll notice that snakes don’t appear to blink at all or have any eyelids. It seems logical that they’d want to protect their eyes from dust, … Read more

How Do Snakes Digest Bones and Fur?

How Do Snakes Digest Bones and Fur?

Snakes swallow their prey whole, which means they must also consume the bones and fur. But most animals can’t digest bones, which makes you wonder how they’re processed by a snake’s body. All snakes digest … Read more

snakes that eat other snakes

What Kind of Snakes Eat Other Snakes?

There are several cannibalistic snake species, some of which mostly feast on other snakes. Even some popular pet snake species will kill and eat other snakes if housed together, and certain circumstances were to apply. … Read more

why does my snake keep yawning?

Why Is My Snaking Yawning a Lot?

Snakes have large jaws that they sometimes open up wide. It’s almost like the snake is ‘yawning’ because it’s tired, but that’s not the case. ‘Mouth gaping’, as it’s also known, happens for a range … Read more

corn snake eating habits

What Do Corn Snakes Eat?

Corn snakes (Pantherophis guttatus) are constrictors that capture and asphyxiate their prey. Snakes are carnivorous and need a diet of meat to grow and thrive. So, you can’t feed your snake a vegetarian diet. Your … Read more

When Is Snake Season in Texas?

When Is Snake Season in Texas?

Texan rattlesnakes, and all other species of snakes, start to emerge as soon as it gets warm outdoors. It’s then snake breeding season in Texas. So, knowing when snakes are most active is vital for … Read more

Can Corn Snakes be Kept Together?

Can Corn Snakes be Kept Together?

Keeping two corn snakes in one cage seems like a good way of saving money. You don’t need to duplicate your costs, and it makes life easier because you don’t have to clean out two … Read more

Snakes that look like a coral snake

4 Snakes That Look Like a Coral Snake

America is home to a small number of snakes with a deadly bite, such as the coral snake. Backyards play host to many types of snakes, and the vast majority of them are totally harmless. … Read more

Small Pet Snakes That Stay Small

17 Small Pet Snakes That Stay Small

Small snakes that stay small are so much easier to handle safely and care for as pets. The problem is that tiny hatchlings grow into large adults. The best small pet snakes are the ringneck … Read more