dehydrated snake signs

How to Treat a Dehydrated Snake

If your snake fails to drink enough water, or doesn’t have enough access to water, it will become dehydrated. Snakes that live in areas of high humidity are less inclined to drink directly from a … Read more

can snakes be poisoned by their own venom?

How Are Snakes Immune to Their Own Venom?

Venomous snakes use their lethal bites primarily to bring down prey. The question is often raised: how can snakes safely eat an animal that contains such a toxic substance? The answer lies not only with … Read more

can snakes get fat?

Can Snakes Become Overweight? (With Video)

Snakes can experience a variety of health problems, but can you have an overweight snake? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your snake doesn’t seem to know when it should stop eating and that it’s grown much … Read more

what temperature is too cold for snakes?

What Happens When a Snake Gets Too Cold?

Snakes, like all reptiles, are cold-blooded (ectothermic). They depend on their living environment for warmth. This can be the natural warmth of the sun or an artificial heat source, such as a heat lamp. When … Read more

does defanging a snake kill it?

What Happens When You Defang a Snake?

Owning a venomous or ‘hot’ snake is dangerous. That’s why most people’s first instinct is to think about removing their fangs, so that they can’t bite you. But if you were to ask any experienced … Read more

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Why Is My Ball Python Taking Deep Breaths?

Have you noticed your ball python’s breathing isn’t normal? It’s common for a ball python to change the way it breathes in response to external stimuli. There are many reasons why your ball python is … Read more

How to Tell If a Snake is Stressed Out

How to Tell If a Snake is Stressed Out

Your snake can die from the knock-on effects of stress, so it’s not a health problem that you should allow to continue indefinitely. All pet snakes, including corn snakes and ball pythons, can become stressed … Read more