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does defanging a snake kill it?
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What Happens When You Defang a Snake?

Owning a venomous or ‘hot’ snake is, of course, dangerous. That’s why most people’s first instinct is to think about removing their fangs, so that they can’t bite you. But if you were to ask any experienced snake breeder or owner, practically none would say that they remove a snake’s […]

snake venom gland removal
Snake Health

Can You Remove Venom Glands from a Snake?

Owning a venomous snake can be dangerous for obvious reasons. Most snake owners rely on ultra-safe handling and feeding methods. However, others want to know if it’s possible to have their snakes rendered harmless through removing their venom glands. It’s difficult to find vets that will do the procedure, so […]

how do I know if my snake is dying?
Snake Health

Is My Snake Dead or Hibernating?

Your snake has been moving less, and not acting normal. It’s not eating its food, inactive, and doesn’t want to be handled. It would seem that something is seriously wrong with your pet snake. A dead snake will hang limply from your hands if you hold them, and won’t react […]

what causes kinks in snakes?
Snake Health

What Is Kinking in Snakes?

You can feel a series of hard bumps on your snake’s spine. Not surprisingly, you’re concerned that pet snakes with kinked backs have a painful degenerative condition that will make mobility more difficult. But some snake enthusiasts claim that ‘kinking’ can improve with age. Just because there isn’t a cure […]