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how do I know if my snake is dying?
Snake Health

Is My Snake Dead or Hibernating?

Your snake has been moving less, and not acting normal. It’s not eating its food, inactive, and doesn’t want to be handled. It would seem that something is seriously wrong with your pet snake. ‘Hibernating’ snakes are occasionally active to warm themselves. They will also react if you touch them […]

what causes kinks in snakes?
Snake Health

What Is Kinking in Snakes?

You can feel a series of hard bumps on your snake’s spine. Not surprisingly, you’re concerned that pet snakes with kinked backs have a painful degenerative condition that will make mobility more difficult. But some snake enthusiasts claim that ‘kinking’ can improve with age. Kinking is where a snake’s back […]

What is snake impaction
Snake Health

Do Snakes Get Constipated?

Snakes have a regular routine for their bowel movements. If your snake hasn’t passed feces for several weeks, you will need to find out if your snake is constipated. Blocked bowels are a common occurrence in snakes that are fed thawed frozen food. Frozen food has less water present which […]

can snakes get fat?
Snake Health

Can Snakes Become Overweight?

Snakes can experience a variety of health problems, but can you have an overweight snake? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your snake doesn’t seem to know when it should stop eating and that it’s grown much larger than other snakes that you’ve owned or seen in the pet store. Boas and […]