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What is snake impaction
Snake Health

Do Snakes Get Constipated?

Snakes have a regular routine for their bowel movements. If your snake hasn’t passed feces for several weeks, you will need to find out if your snake is constipated. Sometimes a snake’s constipation may be due to impaction. This refers to a bowel obstruction, which occurs when an animal consumes […]

can snakes get fat?
Snake Health

Can Snakes Become Overweight?

Snakes can experience a variety of health problems, but can you have an overweight snake? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your snake doesn’t seem to know when it should stop eating and that it’s grown much larger than other snakes that you’ve owned or seen in the pet store. We’ve created […]

what vaccinations are needed for pet snakes?
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Do Pet Snakes Need Vaccinations?

If you’re new to snake ownership, you might be wondering if pet snakes need vaccinations. Vaccines are administered to other types of family pets to help prevent sickness and illness. We’ll be exploring whether snake vaccinations exist, and what you can do to help prevent your snake from becoming sick. […]

what causes salmonella in reptiles?
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Can You Get Salmonella from Snakes?

Salmonella is a bacterium that causes salmonellosis – an infection that manifests as diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever after 12-72 hours of being infected. The risk of being infected by salmonella from a snake can be reduced by taking the right precautions. This includes always washing your hands after handling […]

signs of a dehydrated snake
Snake Health

How to Treat a Dehydrated Snake

Snakes drink infrequently. Some drink so rarely that you might be worried that they’re sick. Well, some snakes don’t seem to need to drink as much whereas others need to drink more often. But, what if a snake never drinks water? Will this affect the health of your snake? A […]