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what are the signs of a stressed snake?
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How to Tell If a Snake is Stressed Out

Your snake can die from the knock-on effects of stress, so it’s not a health problem that you can allow to continue indefinitely. Pet snakes, such as corn snakes and ball pythons, become stressed due to their living environment and your actions, such as over-handling. A stressed snake’s body language […]

snake septicemia treatment
Snake Health

How to Treat Septicemia in Snakes

Snake septicemia is usually, but not always, caused by bacteria in your pet’s living environment. These bacteria will cause considerable damage to your snake’s vital organs, such as the kidneys. Check for signs of petechiae (small hemorrhagic patches, or blood blisters/pin-pricks, on the stomach and lining of the mouth). There […]

signs of ill health in snakes
Snake Health

17 Very Common Health Problems in Snakes

Snakes, even if you keep them in an enclosure on their own, are prone to getting ill. The usual cause is bad husbandry or direct/indirect contact with other snakes. Health problems in snakes include stress, retained sheds, sepsis, anorexia/overweight, head wobble, internal/external parasites, respiratory problems, and inclusion body disease (IBD). […]

How to treat scale rot in snakes
Snake Health

How to Get Rid of Scale Rot on a Snake

Scale rot is a bacterial infection that is very common among captive reptiles, including snakes. It occurs due to overly moist living conditions and the improper cleaning of a snake’s enclosure. Scale rot (without blisters) can be treated at home and prevented in the future. Reduce the temperature and humidity […]