snake eats her own eggs
Questions About Snakes

Do Snakes Eat Their Own Eggs?

Many animals are renowned for eating their young. People’s first exposure to that is if they have a hamster or guinea pig, which are well-known for eating their babies if you don’t separate them. Does this happen with corn snakes, ball pythons, and other pet snakes? Even so, you’ll want […]

do vets treat snakes?
Snake Health

Do All Vets Deal with Snakes?

If your snake has a health problem, you should take them to the veterinarian. But if you were to ring your family vet and ask if they could treat your snake, they might say no. Ideally, you should find a vet that you can build a long-term professional relationship with. […]

snakes sleeping habits
Questions About Snakes

How Long do Snakes Sleep?

It can be difficult to tell when snakes are asleep or awake. That’s because snakes sleep with their eyelids open. This begs the question, how long do snakes sleep? Do they sleep every night in their hide, or take naps throughout the day? Snakes sleeping habits are still puzzling scientists […]