What do snakes do for fun?
Snake Vivarium Setup

5 Fun Toys for Snakes to Play With

Some snake enclosures are quite bare: just substrate, a water dish and a hide or two. However, just because snakes are reptiles, that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate things to do. Snakes love to investigate new objects, textures, and smells, as they would naturally explore outdoors in the wild. Snakes […]

what temperature is too cold for snakes?
Snake Health

What Happens When a Snake Gets Too Cold?

Your pet snake has strict temperature requirements. They need a basking spot and a cool spot, as well as a specific humidity level. Snakes in the wild experience cold temperatures in the winter. Some snakes are better equipped to deal with the cold than others. A green tree python, for […]

snake more active than usual
Questions About Snakes

Why Is My Snake So Active?

It can be a little concerning when your snake is active all of a sudden. Snakes, and reptiles aren’t energetic creatures. Since they’re cold-blooded, they need to save their energy and use it only for crucial activities like hunting, mating or ‘running’ from predators. If your snake is overactive, assess […]

Green Tree Python Color Morphs
Questions About Snakes

6 Most Popular Green Tree Python Morphs

Green tree pythons are strikingly beautiful, distinctive reptiles. They have a reputation for their feisty attitudes, but they make beautiful and unique pets. Green tree pythons color morphs and patterns vary, depending on which area (locality) they’re from. We’ll be looking at the most popular green tree python localities. We’ll […]