do adult snakes stay with their babies?
Questions About Snakes

Do Baby Snakes Stay with Their Mother?

Reptile reproduction differs drastically from mammalian reproduction. Most snakes lay eggs, and they don’t produce milk for their babies to drink. Snakes also care for their young differently. We’ll explain why baby snakes don’t usually stay with their mothers and the rare exceptions to the rule.  We’ll also look at […]

do snakes have skulls?
Questions About Snakes

Do Snakes Have Bones?

Snakes are flexible and can squeeze through tight gaps to escape from predators or to hunt prey. So, given how elastic they are, you might assume that snakes don’t have bones. This guide covers everything you need to know about snake skeletons. You’ll also find out how many bones a […]

why does my snake hiss at me?
Questions About Snakes

Why Do Snakes Hiss at You?

If you own a pet snake or have encountered a snake in the wild, you’ll be familiar with the hissing sound that snakes make. All snakes can hiss, though it may be a quieter sound in smaller snakes. It’s a trait shared by wild, captive, venomous, and non-venomous snakes alike. […]